Aerial Photography 2021

The Aerial Photography collection is a large and diverse group of imagery acquired by the USA in 1955. Over 4897 frames of photographic images are available for download as high resolution digital products. The high resolution data provide access to photogrammetric quality scans of aerial photographs with sufficient resolution to reveal landscape detail and to facilitate the interpretability of landscape features. Coverage is predominantly over the North of Iran. Individual photographs vary in scale, size, film type, quality, and coverage.

Data Access

Moshaver Hamrah Company (MHC) has provided this opportunity for you, to be able to access data by ordering any place in Iran and neighboring countries. For this purpose, it is necessary to prepare a specific box from the study area (In Iran) (KMZ format) and send it to us along with the imagery date. Our experts will contact you as soon as possible.

Aerial Photography
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