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  • Seismic Hazard Assessment — calculating the probability of earthquake ground shaking at the surface or in the bedrock beneath a site based on the location of surrounding faults.
  • Spectral Matching — adjusting an accelerogram to match a target response spectrum, while preserving realistic time-dependent characteristics of the ground motion.
  • Site Response Analysis — calculating the ground motion at the surface given a bedrock ground motion and the layers of soil and rock that overlay the bedrock at the site.

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ez-frisk online crack
ez-frisk online crack
ez-frisk online crack

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Ez-Frisk General Features

1. Seismic hazard analysisspectral matching, and site response analysis; an integrated package.
2. Extensive results are available in tabular and graphical formats.
3. Efficient, accurate numerical methods.
4. Convenient and quick specification of input.
5. Extensive help documentation in Html Help and Adobe PDF formats.
6. Easy-to-use interface for the novice or occasional users.
7. Powerful user interface capabilities for frequent users.



1. Calculates PSHA at any number of frequencies of ground motion and up to 50 amplitudes.
Deaggregation of PSHA by distance, magnitude, epsilon, and distance/magnitude.
DSHA calculations for up to 20 fractiles.
4. Effectively unlimited number of 
seismic sources.  Can be selected by distance from the site, region, or individually.
5. Effectively unlimited number of 
ground motion equations.
6. Ability to use different 
ground motion equations for different seismic sources, with any combination of seismic source and attenuation equation.
7. Uniform hazard spectra (
UHS) can be generated for any return period without having to rerun the PSHA.
8. Plots of 
probabilistic hazard for each spectral frequency, and UHS for up to 100 return periods. 

9. Multiple magnitude recurrence models: exponential, characteristic, truncated normal and USGS

10. Fault geometry is specified and analyzed in 3-D.  Different dip angles can be used for the upper and lower portion of the fault, and blind faults can be specified.
11. Subduction interface zones can be modeled using an upper and lower trace specified in 3-D.
12. Subduction slab zones can be modeled using an upper and lower trace specified in 3-D.
13. Seismic hazard analysis can use spectral acceleration at 5% damping, maximum rotated component of spectral acceleration at 5% damping,  peak ground velocity, peak ground displacementArias intensity, or MMI as the intensity measure for ground motion. 


1. Spectral Matching using Norm Abrahamson’s RSP Match 2009 algorithm.
2. Baseline correction using Norm Abrahamson’s BLine03 algorithm.
3. Matching to user-defined target spectrum.
4. Matching to uniform hazard spectrum from an EZ-FRISK™ seismic hazard analysis.
5. Scoring of accelerograms for suitability for matching based on magnitude, distance, duration, scaling required, and initial spectral response shape.
6. Access to PEER and USNRC strong-motion databases.
7. Automatically imports accelerogram in AT2 and SMC formats.
8. Import utility capable of importing a wide variety of accelerogram formats.
9. Dynamic spectral match and convergence plots.
10. Initial vs. matched time histories for acceleration, velocity, and displacement.
11. Export of matched accelerograms in a format suitable for site response analysis with Shake91 


1. Database of modulus reduction curves with over 30 published curves.
2. Database of damping curves with over 30 published curves.
3. Darendeli’s confining-pressure and plasticity index-dependent modulus reduction and damping curves.
4. Database of soils for creating and using organization-specific dynamic soil properties.
5. Site response analysis using 
Shake91 or Shake91+, an enhanced version with less restrictions on the number of accelerogram points, number of layers, and the number of dynamic soil properties.
6. An unlimited number of dynamic soil properties.
7. Automatically imports accelerogram in 
AT2 and SMC formats.
8. Import utility capable of importing a wide variety of accelerogram formats.
9. Can directly use 
EZ-FRISK™ spectrally matched accelerograms, or user imported accelerograms.


EZ-FRISK is a software package developed by Fugro USA Land, Inc. (originally Risk Engineering, Inc.). It not only has the capability to perform a Seismic Hazard Assessment but can also include a Spectral Matching module and a Site Response Analysis module if needed for a specific project. EZ-FRISK can perform both Probabilistic and Deterministic Seismic Hazard Assessments (DSHA) and accounts for both aleatory and epistemic uncertainty.

The results for EZ-FRISK’s probabilistic calculations are annual frequencies of exceedance of various ground motion levels at the site of interest. The program can also deaggregate the hazard by calculating the mean and distributions of distance, magnitude, and epsilon causing exceedance of a specified ground motion (Fugro Consultants Inc., 2015).


Important Notes before making a purchase

– Please note that we provide the Ultimate version of the software to our customers along with a password to access it without the need for an internet connection. If you are interested in accessing the online version, please contact the main site (www.ez-frisk.com) as we are not responsible for it.

– The cost of the offline version is equivalent to $3,240 US dollars. Please note that additional costs such as taxes and money transfers may apply in some cases.

– Moreover, we offer online training courses on seismic hazard assessment to our customers. By participating in these courses, you can produce the Ez-frisk seismic sources database yourself, eliminating the need for the online version.