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Ez-frisk FAQ

Yes. There are several earthquake risk training courses available online.

Just send your full details to the company email. This email must contain a request, the name of the university, the degree and the field of study of the researcher.

It depends on the type of course.
$ 500 for course A that includes 20 hours of teaching
$ 500 for course B that includes 10 hours of teaching

If you want to buy the full license version you can contact the main site

Moreover, you can buy the cracked version

After paying the course fee, specifically for each researcher, the course will start immediately.

The minimum required scientific level for this course is a Master’s degree or higher in the fields of earthquake engineering, Geophysics, Geology, Tectonic, etc. 

Yes – you can easily define a new fault and put it into a custom region in the fault seismic source database. Regions represent a combination of geographical region and source of the data. When you setup the input file, you choose which sources to include. You can select sources from multiple regions, some that are provided with EZ-FRISK™ and some from your personally defined regions.

Yes – EZ-FRISK™ provides a convenient user interface to associate particular faults, background sources, and area seismic source with one or more attenuation equations. A spreadsheet-like view lists your selected seismic source down the page, while attenuation equations are listed across the page. If you want to use an equation with a source, just check the box at the intersection of the row and column.

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