About MHC Moshaver Hamrah Company

This is the earthquake engineering team which contains researchers in fields of seismology, tectonic, and geophysics. Our team, with its experienced staff, has opened this company aimed to improve the knowledge of earthquake hazard. We intend to develop this knowledge by teaching software(Ez-frisk 8.06), sharing scientific content as well as new findings.

We are with you from the beginning forever

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Dr.Hadi Jarahi was one of the most experienced members of our company. We benefited from his scientific presence in several projects.
We are very pleased to introduce Hadi Jarahi as one of the best master expert and an exceptional young engineer. His research interests are focused on the probabilistic and deterministic seismic hazard analysis (PSHA, DSHA), geotechnical engineering, and engineering geology so that his ability in those skills will be known obviously at cooperation time.
We verify the comployment of Hadi Jarahi who worked for NAT Consulting Engineering Company as geology and tectonic senior. We are very pleased with his work for the company's projects.
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